Pyrolytic graphite disc

Pyrolytic graphite disc

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A range of 5 sizes of pyrolytic graphite disc measuring from 10 mm Dia up to 20mm in Diameter. Each disc face dimension is -0.0 / +0.9 mm.

The thickness of each disc listed are manufactured to tolerances of 1 mm -0.0 mm / +0.1 mm.

Any piece of pyrolytic graphite from 0.25 mm up to about 2 mm will levitate indefinitely, without any form of outside assistance. The height of the levitation depends on the strength of the magnets and thickness of the pyrolytic graphite.

All of our pyrolyic graphite can be used as very efficient and effective heat sinks, due to the high thermal conductivity along the A-B plane of  400 W/(m2. K/m).

The pyrolytic graphite is perfectly shaped, as manufactured at the factory.

The edges are smooth right angles to the faces.

Have a look at our pyrolytic graphite, on our levitation demonstrators in our promotional video on YouTube: