Gallium spoon
Gallium spoon
Gallium spoon
Gallium spoon

Gallium spoon

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Everyone has heard of a gallium spoon. Some have seen one melt in warm water on the internet. How many people have actually seen one for sale?

Well, here is your chance to buy this unique gallium spoon so you can actually witness one melt before your eyes, in real life! We believe this is the only gallium spoon available for purchase, anywhere in the world.

The 30 g gallium spoon comes in a presentation case, with full instructions. Also included are a pair of blue nitrile gloves, a syringe and HDPE screw cap bottle for gallium storage after use.

This is a perfect birthday or Christmas present for a friend, colleague, family member or.............for yourself.

Have a look at the photos to see how good they are.

One of the spoons in the picture with the ruler is an original stainless steel spoon that was used to make the gallium spoon mould. In the picture with four spoons, three are gallium spoons.

We are not saying that you cannot tell the difference, only that they are pretty good.

Years ago you used to be able to buy a gallium spoon from the USA that was only 16 g and was too thin and flimsy to travel, we think this 30 g spoon is just about the right weight for the job and allows you to have a good quantity of gallium to experiment with afterwards.