Tin Bar 99.95%
Tin Bar 99.95%

Tin Bar 99.95%

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This is a listing for thin tin bar.

Magnametals guarantee that you will receive slightly more than the weight you order.

This is verified to 100th of a gram in writing for each order.

Each order is accompanied by a Letter of Conformity detailing the analysis of the tin batch. The current batch is of 99.976% tin and impurities are listed as a % for each metal.

This tin on offer has been especially sourced for its higher purity, greater than 99.95% compared to the cheaper commercial standard 99.8% tin readily available.

This higher purity tin is what we use for our various eutectic alloys we make at our facility in the UK, including Field's metal and Galinstan, using high purity metals such as gallium, indium, bismuth and tin. So you can be sure that this is not run of the mill low grade tin.